My last day of the working week! If you can’t already tell by the pictures. I am absolutely exhausted. Todays outfit is an attempt to pull off an outfit with some clashing patterns. I am sure I can do better with the items in my wardrobe, however it’s a start.

Thanks for reading x

Outfit breakdown
Uneven midi skirt by Forever New (similar cut here and here) | Green floral top by Anthropologie | Bag by Burberry | Leopard print booties by Asos
Brown chucky snood


Hello lovely

If you are reading my blog for the first time, I am proud to make mention that I haven’t purchased a single item of clothing for Moi since 1 January this year. Everything I’ve worn this year thus far are items I already own. There are clothes I have had for years and some that I purchased and just never bothered to touch. Now each day I become more fond of what I have and less of a need to indulge in compulsive consumerism. I am completely amazed at how I have managed to kick such an addictive habit.

So what’s new on the blog?! My hair! Truth be told, I made an attempt last week to do it myself and it didn’t turn out so well. So I have waited a week for it to grow out and slipped in to the hair salon today to get it done properly. When I arrived home and showed my husband, he got the shock of his life and then figured he would eventually get used to it.

In terms of styling, this hairstyle does come with a price. The cut is edgy and not so feminine therefore the clothes I have chosen to wear today are fine however, I am unsure how I would look in pretty floral dress or my work wear for instance. Speaking of work wear, fingers crossed my colleagues do not find this cut too inappropriate for the work place.

In the coming weeks, days and months, I am looking forward to all the new looks I can bring with this new hairstyle. Its the new me and I hope you will enjoy what’s to come.

Thanks for reading and hope you all have an ah-mazing weekend.



I love all the detail in this top. From the leather look to the cut outs to the drop back. Coupled with jeans, killer shoes and a colourful bag makes it my kind of outfit.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have had an enjoyable weekend.



Good morning gorgeous people!!

I wanted to blog about one of my favourite mini jersey dresses that I frequently wear as a top. Thats right. Since having a baby, there are just some mini’s that I wouldn’t get caught dead in. However, rather than discount or not wear it, I now pair most of my mini dresses with suitable bottoms.

It’s a fantastic way to maximise your wardrobe items and allow yourself to be more creative with your pairings. Hope this inspires you to have a good look at your clothes and see what you can do the same with.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.



It has been an interesting summers week here in Melbourne. Extremely chilly in the mornings and warm in the evenings so I took advantage of layering all my outfits for work this week.

I have never been one to wear tops over my dresses but now I am addicted and can think of 101 dress/top combinations.

So this wraps up January. One month down. Bring on the next  11 months of no clothes shopping.


Day 29

Dress by Evolve | Shirt by Ralph Lauren | Cut out top by Zara
Boots by asos | Bag by Burberry

Day 30

Day 30
Denim Dress | Shimmer top by Sportscraft | Tights by Leona Edmiston
Heels by Nine West | Bag by Chanel

Day 31

Day 31
Green Dress by Review | Hi-lo top by asos | Pumps by Zara | Bag by Miss Shop