I'm wearing: Dress by Complex Geometries | Scarf as belt by Topman | Hi-top wedges by Topshop Tot is wearing: Short sleeve onsie by Target | Pants and hat by Best & Less | Sneakers by Vans

I’m wearing: Dress by Complex Geometries | Scarf as belt by Topman | Hi-top wedges by Topshop
Tot is wearing: Short sleeve onsie by Target | Pants and hat by Best & Less | Sneakers by Vans

Hello all

I purchased this maxi boxed dress a few years ago in my early pregnancy days. I thought it would be a good fit for when I got bigger and heavier. The thing is, I was one of of those huge pregnant women and unfortunately the dress didn’t flatter the bump.

The dress however is amazing, and creatively designed. Because it is so baggy, you can adjust the waistline by wrapping the dress around your figure and then adding in a belt to fasten the fabric. The overlapping of fabric adds texture and creates an origami look which I also love doing with my oversized tops. What’s also cool about this maxi is you can adjust the length of the dress with a simple cut as there are no stitches in the hem. So perfect for a short arse like myself.

It did take me almost 3 years to wear but here it is, so I hope you love the look.

Thanks for reading everyone.Sovanny



Hello lovelies and happidy humpidy day

I hope everyone is enjoying the week thus far. Over here in Melbourne it’s gone from sunshine to stormy weather. I keep up with the weather by wearing my Summer clothes during Winter and vice versa. What’s that called? transition fashion? adapting? or simply confused?.

We took these photographs over the weekend just passed. I remember feeling fresh and manicured that day after my trip to the hairdressers. Frequent trips to the hairdressers seems to be the story of my life at the moment and I’m a little sick of it. I will see how long I last but, my aim will be to avoid the hairdressers for as long as I can and grow the shit out of my hair. Sorry to those that love this hairstyle. I will miss it too.

As per most weekends, I am in my natural casual style since I spend most of my time catching up on life. I did however bring my outfit up a notch by throwing in my leopard print booties and a red clutch to break up that black and white.

I know it’s taken a while for me to post these photographs however, that same day I made a commitment to spend less time blogging and more time with my family. My little darling is growing up so fast and I’ve realised that blogging is just eating so much into my precious family time. So as a heads up, you will be hearing less of me, but you can always keep up with my Instagram if you have yet to go there.

Thanks for reading my post. xx

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
White Miami t-shirt dress by Surface to Air | Leather biker jacket by Topshop Leopard print booties from Asos | Clutch by DKNY



Hello lovelies

It’s finally Spring baby and we’re kicking this glorious season off with a fathers day celebration.

Although we’ve kept it a low key event at home, I didn’t want to pass up on the opportunity to get a little dressed up. Most weekends I tend to look very casual and today wasn’t too different except I decided to pretty up my casual t-shirt slash hi-tops look by adding in a lovely pleated maxi skirt. As a result, a sporty and feminine look was born.

All these clothing items are old. However, if I do inspire you to create a similar look then I’m pleased to say that maxi skirts, t-shirts and hi-tops are readily available to purchase in most commercial fashion stores.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
T-shirt by DKNY | Maxi skirt by Forever New | Hitops by Topshop | Sunglasses by Balmain Paris

Happy fathers day to all the beautiful men and thanks for coming by. Xx


Hello lovlies

The title I use in this post describes all the natural beauty Oahu has to offer.

I had high expectations for the day tour I booked to see Oahu and it did not disappoint. Since I was in Oahu for such a short period of time, a tour worked as it allows you to get a beautiful glimpse of the island while bookmarking all the many places to see more of. The next time and there will be a next time, I’ll be sure to hire a car and go see all my favourite scenic spots.

Love this post if you love these amazing photographs.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Peacock singlet from Anthropologie| Denim shorts by Topshop| Boots by Spurr| Black vest| Black vintage bag


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Hello sweets

Thanks for coming by.

These pictures were taken on my recent trip to Waikiki Hawaii. As you can see from these photographs I really made the most the time I had to relax. The water there is so gorgeous and blue so going in for a swim and splash is an absolute must. Beach beds and umbrellas are readily available for hire on the beach so you can sunbathe all day long if thats your thing. The hire rates are extremely reasonable and there are hotties there to set it all up for you. All they ask is that you pick a spot.

The patterned bathing suit in these pictures are quite old and purchased during my pre pregnancy days. I never thought I would be wearing them again since I gained over 20 kilos during my pregnancy.  However here I am embracing my post baby body in paradise.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Bikini by Jets | Denim shorts by Topshop | Dip back top by Asos | Silver sandals

Thanks for reading xXx

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Today I celebrated a belated birthday lunch with my besties. Over lunch we talked about the upcoming trip to Hawaii and how great the shopping is going to be. This led to me confirming my committment to not buy any new clothes as I have more than enough. That said I’d love a new designer bag. Needless to say, my girlfriends were impressed with my attitude and mentioned how well I have done in the past 5 months. In fact I think the conversation even inspired them to think twice about compulsively shopping. I love that I inspire others to make the most of what they have.

You don’t need new clothes to look good or stay fashionable. Just be confident in your own sense of style. I think I am a living example of just that.

Thanks for reading. Xx

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Grey tunic my Calvin Klein| Denim shorts by Topshop| Leather biker jacket by Topshop| Boots from Iconic| Sunglasses by Dejcuba
Accessories by Asos| Bag by Chanel


Hello lovely people and welcome to the weekend.

Starting on a personal note, this weekend marks 10 years with the love of my life, husband and father of my beloved daughter. We aren’t getting up to anything exciting. It’s just the usual errands and catching up on sleep and family time. Just normal people getting up to normal things.

As usual for the weekend I am all geared up in something comfortable. I have on a light weight parka which is perfect for our unpredictable Melbourne weather. It’s just after midday and we have had both rain and shine!

What I love most about this parka is that it’s oversized and made with flowing fabric. This allows me to drape the parka over as many layers as I need without feeling bulky. Also if it does start to rain again I can just pull the hood over my head.

Thanks for coming by and I hope you enjoy the weekend.