Hello all

I was a shoppaholic that realised I had a problem. This led to an opportunity for me to be less of a consumerist and more creative and stylish with my excessive wardrobe. So a little over 12 months ago I committed to a new years resolution that meant I couldn’t buy a single piece of clothing for all of 2013. I know there’s still 2 days to go, but it’s fair to say I farkin did it! No cheating. 12 months. No new clothes. In many ways, this new years resolution combined with all the blogging has been a wonderful experience. Although, what I am most grateful for is the support from my husband. He’s no photographer but a year ago when I asked if he could take all my photographs for the blog there was zero hesitation. His photographs are amazing and he’s been in on my journey the entire way. Then there’s all my friends and the amazing bloggers I’ve virtually met all over the world. You know who you are. If you are keen on making ‘no shopping’ your new year’s resolution I’ve listed some quick survival tips but first here is a short video with some of my favourite outfits.

1) Blogging or diarising your outfits to an audience will trigger that creativeness you. Also once you start blogging your outfits to the world you will be surprised what you can do with your wardrobe.

2) Shop for wardrobe essentials before the new year to help mentally commit. The less you think you need in your wardrobe, the better.

3) Be realistic with yourself. For instance I said no shopping for clothes. This didn’t extend to shoes and accessories but what I found over several months was that my shopping appetite naturally curbed itself. Think of it as though you’re on a diet and by the end you’ll come out a better you. Your bank account will look healthy too.

4) Un-subscribe or filter out promotional emails from the likes of shopping sites so you don’t get tempted by sales.

5) Build your networks on the social media scene. Instagram is great if you are seeking inspiration from other fashion bloggers. You’ll also become virtually well acquainted with amazing people and even come across some profiling opportunities.

6) Be easy on yourself.  There will be days where you feel like crap and have the urge to shop so be prepared for that. I was stalking for months before I got use to the fact that I wasn’t going to buy anything. So instead I subscribed to Asos fashion finder and began posting my looks for other shoppaholics. You will find that something to distract and make you feel better.

I hope that this short list helps you with your journey should you dare to sign up. Thanks so much for reading and I wish you a happy and healthy 2014.

Sovanny xx

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Hello lovelies

It feels great to be on the warmer side of Winter here in Melbourne. I can now expose some skin without feeling the chill. Awesome!

Some key items I have on today are my black short sleeve blouse and blue lace jacket. Both from Alannah Hill and both years old yet timeless and so very cute. I’ve teamed it with a floral cardigan, red skirt and lime patent pumps for that pop of colour from head to toe.

Hope you love this look and that it’s inspired you experiment with the colours in your wardrobe.

Depending on where you are in the world have a great day/night.
Thanks for reading. Much love xx


Hello and Happy Monday everyone.

The dress code is very relaxed at my workplace. In fact, most days like today I’m too corporate and over dressed.

My general motto is look good, feel good. So I do like to put in that little effort that I have very little time for. I’m talking 20 minutes. Yes that’s right. Indeed I do have a toddler that my husband so generously looks after while I get dressed but I’ve always been one to get my face and clothes on quickly. Just as we’ll because otherwise I’d have no time for pictures.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Suit by Satch | Top by Alannah Hill | Shoes by Nine West | Vintage bag | Vintage brooch

Thanks for coming by babes. Until next time. Xx


Hello gorgeous

I hope that you have had an amazing weekend. For me, it’s certainly nice to have a break from work and more time with my little family.

This beautiful photo set was taken by my husband before I set out for a massive high tea eating fest with my girlfriends at the Conservatory, Crown. It’s absolutely freezing in Melbourne and indeed a coat is needed but I figured that I was going to be indoors anyway so didn’t bother with it.

High tea calls for a lady like outfit and since I don’t get dressed as often as I use to, I wanted to put together an outfit that I had never worn before. The result was a dreamy vintage look.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Black maxi pleat skirt by Forever New (similar here) | Floral Cardigan by Sunny Girl | Pumps by Nine West | Vintage handbag from Lost and Found Marke | Necklace from asos

I hope you love the outfit. Thanks for coming by and enjoy the week ahead.


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Hello there

So during my trip to the Waikele Premium outlet I managed to pick up a new pair of coral heels and long strap handbag.

It didn’t seem fair if I didn’t take my new items out for a spin in my playsuit around town so before our much anticipated Luau tour thats just what I did.

I love these photos.  Credits to my friend Somany for the amazing photography.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Black playsuit by Peter Alexander| Coral heels by Nine West| Black handbag by Diane Von Furstenberg

Thanks for reading.


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Hello sweets

Thanks for coming by.

These pictures were taken on my recent trip to Waikiki Hawaii. As you can see from these photographs I really made the most the time I had to relax. The water there is so gorgeous and blue so going in for a swim and splash is an absolute must. Beach beds and umbrellas are readily available for hire on the beach so you can sunbathe all day long if thats your thing. The hire rates are extremely reasonable and there are hotties there to set it all up for you. All they ask is that you pick a spot.

The patterned bathing suit in these pictures are quite old and purchased during my pre pregnancy days. I never thought I would be wearing them again since I gained over 20 kilos during my pregnancy.  However here I am embracing my post baby body in paradise.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Bikini by Jets | Denim shorts by Topshop | Dip back top by Asos | Silver sandals

Thanks for reading xXx

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Hello lovely

After some early morning sunbathing on Waikiki beach, I got dressed in a relaxed fringed t-shirt dress and headed to the Ala Moana Beach House restaurant for some afternoon high tea, where we were given the best seat in the house. This white Miami t-shirt dress happened to be the fanciest item I had packed for the holidays and worked a treat since the dress code in Waikiki is extremely relaxed. I paired the t-shirt dress with my everyday (literally everyday) boots and an oversized bag. Not to forget my new Balmain sunglasses scored at my recent Waikele Premium outlet venture.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
White Miami t-shirt dressBlack slip dress by Calvin Klein| Boots by Spurr| Bag by Coach| Sunglasses by Balmain


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