Hello gorgeous

During a recent thrift shopping expedition at Retrostar, I stumbled upon this devine tartan dress.  Although the dress looked a little tired on the racks I knew that a little TLC would make it look as good as new. With a soft spot for tartan, I purchased it without the bother of trying it on.

Delighted by how the dress turned out after a simple dry clean, I wore it to work and needless to say it felt amazing on. That’s the gift of vintage finds. The one off pieces are beautiful, timeless and long lasting. Once more, it’s so easy to mix vintage and modern pieces together to pull off a sophisticated outfit. What do you think of the styling?

Thanks for reading lovelies xx


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Hello gorgeous

When the person behind the lens is passionate about the art of photography, the end result is absolutely amazing.

For months, I have thought about the day when my dear friend Lynda (from Lindy Lu Photography ) and I would work together on a fashion shoot. It took months to make this happen, because I wanted the concept behind the photo-shoot to be both unique and personal. Once more, I wanted the photographs to depict a part of the person that I am today.

Today, I’m a mother who’s bold and confident in her own skin. One that loves to shop but is no longer an extreme consumerist. One that loves expensive clothing but is more than happy to shop at Savers. One that knows a vintage or second-hand piece can look just a flattering as any new item. One that would rather spend money on her daughter than herself. One that would invest money on a good time rather than clothes. One that wants to contribute to a more eco-friendly existance. While motherhood does not define the person that I am, the experience to date has had an immense influence on the changes in my behaviour and perspective to the world of consumerism.

With this short representation, a beautiful retro concept was created which aims to capture me in the present day. Permission was granted for us to utilise a closed down petrol station as the back drop, while a dear friend of Lynda’s gave us use of an old Ford Cortina as the prop. Modelling in clothes that were either old or second-hand, I found this experience both liberating and satisfying. Best of all, I was able to work with a friend that shared the same values as I. I am so excited to be sharing these swagging photographs with you and hope that you love this personal piece.

Thank you for reading.

Sovanny x


Credits:: A special thanks to Lynda from Lindy Lu Photography for all her work and photographs, Tim Dinh for lending us the cars and Andy owner of Andy’s Service Station, Sunshine for the exclusive use of his site.

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Good morning all

I’m absolutely loving our extra long weekend here in Melbourne. It’s going to be a stinker today so we’ve decided to make the most of it at the beach. Kicking off with breakfast, I made a gorgeous green smoothie for the family. It was so good my almost 2 year old kept asking for a top up. Now that’s what you want.

The ingredients
2 frozen bananas (not frozen is good to)
4 ripe peaches
2 handfuls of spinach leaves
1 small cucumber
1/2 cup water

1. Place all ingredients except cucumber and grapes in the blender
2. Pulse a few times
3. Blend until smooth
4. Pour and top with grapes and chopped cucumber

Serves 4.

Have a great day all.

Sovanny x

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I’m wearing: Hydros Crop top by Alice McCall (found here) || Vintage Levis denim cut offs (similar here) || Black knit bird embroidered cardigan by Zara || Earrings from Asos || Pumps by Zara

Hello all

If I could name one place I was absolutely dying to shop at during my shopping drought last year it was Alice McCall. You can imagine my excitement when my husband gave me an extremely generous Alice McCall voucher for Christmas last year. Smart boy!

I fell in love with Alice a few years ago during a sample sale that just happened to be next door to my workplace. To this date, I still have some of those pieces and I’m proud to now be adding another to the closet. This Hydros crop top stole my heart and was worth absolutely every cent. I love it and since it’s current season you can still grab one for yourself.

Thanks for reading everyone and as always I love your comments.

Sovanny x

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ClosetCloset1Closet2Closet3I’m wearing:: Top by Mossimo || Skirt by Passion || Heels by Zara || Vintage bag || Statement necklace by Pam Hiran

Hello lovers

For work earlier in the week, I decided it was time to pair a thrifted top with this pretty skirt which I’ve had for about 5 years- never worn by the way. Better late than never and to think I was so close to selling it.

There are still clothes that I’ve yet to wear from my purchases years ago and I’m determined to make the most of them this year.

Sovanny xx

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Hello gorgeous

I made these delish raw cakes the other day using my left over raw chocolate mousse (recipe here). Worked a treat so thought I’d share it with you.

Chocolate mousse recipe here
3 passion fruit pulps (canned pulp works well too)

For the crust
1 cup roughly chopped walnuts
1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
Handful of cranberries (dates are a great substitute)
1/2 cup agave nectar
1 tbsp raw coconut oil

The simple instructions
Place all the ingredients for the crust  mixture in a bowl and mix thoroughly
2) Spoon the chocolate mousse into tupperware molds (found here), ensuring its only 3 quarters of the way full


3) Spoon in the crust mixture of the mousse ensuring you leave some room at the rim
4) Leave to set in the refrigerator for a 3-4 hours


5) Turn the molds upside down and gently push the cake out of the molds and top with passion fruit pulp.


So so so so good! Again, you would’nt know the main ingredient was avocado.

Serves 4-5

Thanks for reading my loves.

Sovanny x

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Hello readers

I have found the solution to those overly ripe avocadoes that everyone forgets to eat. Deliciously healthy chocolate mousse. Heres how:

4 small avocadoes
1 banana (optional)
1/2 cup of agave nectar ( honey or maple syrup is a good substitute)
1/2 tsp of maca powder
3 tbsp of coconut oil
9tbsp of raw cacao powder
4 frozen oranges

The simple instructions
1. Put all the ingredients except oranges in the blender and blitz until smooth and fluffy ( may require some mixing if the ingredients get stuck).
2. Peel and chop oranges. Place in a zip lock bag and freeze overnight.
3. Spoon mousse into glasses
4. Cover the glasses with glad wrap and let it set in the fridge over night for the best results
5. The next day, blitz the frozen oranges with 1/2 a cup of water in the blender. 6. Pour the oranges over the chocolate mousse and serve.

Serves 4-6.

I only have a small family so we had 2 serves and I’ve placed the rest into some tupperware food moulds and turned them into mini chocolate mousse cakes for a lunch we’re hosting tomorrow. More details to come.

Thanks for reading all.


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