Hello all and hope you are having an awesome week!

Over the weekend, I said good-bye to these denim shorts as they tore along my left thigh. I distinctively remember hearing the tear as I squatted down to have a play in the sunshine with my little one. After that I continued to wear them through the day but the tear kept getting larger to the point where they were no longer classy to wear.


I absolutely loved these shorts and wore them all throughout this year with a combination of other outfits. I do however love the classic denim, black and white look. It’s too bad they were my only pair and I won’t be stocking up on another until the year is over. Argh, just over 2 months to go people.

Outfits Details (All items are old)
Denim Shorts by Topshop | White Sleeveless fringe shirt by Warehouse | Dip back top by Asos | Boots by Spurr | Sunglasses free from Clearly Contacts

Thank you for all your support and love. I am so grateful.

Sovanny x


Sundays always seem to creep up on me. Since I now have a family my weekends somehow now feel shorter and shorter. I don’t ever feel like I have enough time to do what I need to and on days like today when I am sleep deprived it’s difficult to be motivated enough to get anything done. I don’t mind it though because in the scheme of things my life is great.

Since my baby girl has kept us up all night we thought we’d head out, get some fresh air, sunshine, breakfast and a strong coffee. On a positive note she managed to take her first steps today unexpectedly which was pretty exciting.

Here’s to another weekend gone and my very lazy throw on whatever outfit.



Hello gorgeous people

I wore this outfit on Sunday so this post is a little delayed. I had to post about it though because there’s a little story behind these trousers.

For those that have been following me for quite some time now, you will all be aware that I committed to not purchase any new clothing for the entire 2013. As crazy as this commitment sounds I have no new clothes and everything I have blogged about to date is old- this years effort to contribute to less cosumerism and still remain as stylish as possible.

These trousers are one of three that I purchased from Banana Republic back in 2010. They were straight legged trousers with slightly flarred bottoms. I no longer liked the cut of these trousers but I didn’t want them to go to waste either. Also since petite trousers with just the perfect length for me are so darn hard to come by and new trousers aren’t an option I took them to the tailors. I had the all trousers modified requesting to have them cut in narrow down the legs. They turned out beautifully.

Things have certainly changed since I never do this. My old self would have donated these trousers or simply left them in a dark place never to be worn again. So there you go. A little something to think about for all those items you own that may never be worn again.

I know this story may not seem significant but it is! No new clothes for a year is a huge commitment for someone who’s a clothes lover to make.

Thanks for reading. Xxx


We took the opportunity to snap some pictures before heading out to a friends place for lunch today.

I love wearing casual sports hooded jumpers and hi-top sneakers. Also…notice the matching mummie and baby outfit. Totally coincidental!

Thanks for coming by and I hope you are enjoying the weekend.



Hello lovely people and welcome to the weekend.

Starting on a personal note, this weekend marks 10 years with the love of my life, husband and father of my beloved daughter. We aren’t getting up to anything exciting. It’s just the usual errands and catching up on sleep and family time. Just normal people getting up to normal things.

As usual for the weekend I am all geared up in something comfortable. I have on a light weight parka which is perfect for our unpredictable Melbourne weather. It’s just after midday and we have had both rain and shine!

What I love most about this parka is that it’s oversized and made with flowing fabric. This allows me to drape the parka over as many layers as I need without feeling bulky. Also if it does start to rain again I can just pull the hood over my head.

Thanks for coming by and I hope you enjoy the weekend.




Its Saturday April 27 and I am just about to head out for a casual event to support a friends art exhibition. I have on layers of grey pieces with grey fabric boots and an oversized grey bag to match.

Thanks for coming by my blog and I hope you are having a great weekend.

April 27 2013

April 27 2013

April 27 2013

April 27 2013

April 27 2013

April 27 2013

April 27 2013

April 27 2013


I love all the detail in this top. From the leather look to the cut outs to the drop back. Coupled with jeans, killer shoes and a colourful bag makes it my kind of outfit.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have had an enjoyable weekend.