Hi everyone

I have loved that not buying clothes for the last 11.5 months has forced me to maximise every piece in the wardrobe.  This personal project has also provided me with the opportunity to show the world that style is simply what you make of it. Along the way I’ve also been able to virtually meet and inspire fashionistas and other bloggers to curb there shopping appetites while taking pride it what they wear. 

There have been some hit and misses in the fashion department. I’m not always happy with the outfits I come up with and on weeks like this when I’m not feeling my best well, I end up not looking my best. I keep on going though because that’s just what I do. Soldier on.

Sovanny xx



Last Friday I decided to take my little girl to the Melbourne Museum with the intention to visit the Dinosaurs and do some exploring. Upon arrival, I discover the Big Design Market  is set up right next door to the Museum in the Royal Exhibition building. One word….EXCITEMENT.

I felt like ditching the museum idea altogether but couldn’t do that to the little one so decided to stick with the plan. We did the whole museum thing in the morning which was a lot of fun, before heading into the market for a ‘browse’ after lunch. The market was massive and absolutely buzzing with excitement, from people eager to buy the huge variety of goods by Independent designers.

After a short while, the Days of August stall caught my eye. The ties at the stall to be exact because I remember seeing them in Adelaide a few years back and regretted not buying any. Now that they have come to Melbourne, well I wasn’t going to pass on the opportunity to buy one this time.

This beautiful tie is hand pleated and fastened with a Canadian dime which can be used to adjust the tie in length. I can't wait to wear it over and over again with other outfits to show you its versatility.

This beautiful tie is hand pleated and fastened with a Canadian dime which can be used to adjust the tie in length. I can’t wait to wear it over and over again with other outfits to show you its versatility.

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I’m wearing: Shirt by Sportscraft | Skirt by Forever New | Shoes by Nine West | Bag by Burberry | Tie by Days of August

There are a myriad of ways I could wear this tie and endless outfits to pair it with. To kick things off, I wanted to start with this fun and flirty outfit which I wore for work during the week. What do you think?

Other purchases from the Market to be blogged but in the meantime, if you love these ties there is a selection available on  Etsy.

Thanks for reading my post and I hope you are enjoying the week thus far.

Sovanny x



My daughter may have been a little excited by the life size Barbie

My daughter may have been a little excited by the life size Barbie

Hello and goodbye to another weekend!

A few weeks ago, my ever so sweet bestfriend who has never owned a barbie in her life decides she wants a barbie themed party. I literally raised my eyebrows, cringe a little and then got over it, because if thats whats she wants then lets! Leading up to the day, I went to my Instagram followers to help make a decision on my choice of wig (white or blue) because lets face it, my short hair isn’t going to cut the Barbie look. I also knew that I didn’t have the option of buying a new outfit for the party, so I rummaged around in my wardrobe for something cute, fitted and pink. I seriously struggled with pink because it’s not my colour. My colour, is shades of black, grey and white. But somehow, Barbie was born….Platinum Barbie. What do you think of this little costume? Admittedly, I have never ever played dress up for a party before so after decades on earth, I suddenly realised what I have been missing out on all these years. The party was so much fun and it helped that everyone was such a good sport on the night.

Outfit breakdown  Black and white stripe playsuit by ASOS | Fuchsia Coat by Grass Collected | Tan Pumps by Zara | Light pink clutch by Coach

Hope you love this look inspired by Barbie and as always thanks so much for reading my post. Sovanny x


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Hello everyone

Last week hubby and I attended our dear friends wedding which was set at a winery in Red Hill, Victoria. Since most of my photographs are set in my backyard, we thought that after the ceremony we’d have the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a different backdrop for my blog.

I am so glad we did, because, aside from the gorgeous scenery, this blog now features a post of me in evening wear with a pair of knock out heels that have been in storage for I can’t even remember how long now. As elegant as I felt, there was some behind the scenes touch ups that needed to happen before any photos were taken. Like every other women in heels at the wedding, my feet were muddy, and my heels kept digging into the grass at the vineyards.  As a result I had disgusting feet and the tip of my heels were dressed with big balls of grass. So at the first opportunity I got, I went straight to my car and got out my baby wipes to clean my shoes and feet. My husband thought it was hilarious but I tell you what, even if you don’t have kids, go get yourself some baby wipes and leave them in your car or bag because you never know when you will need them. I distinctively remember giving a total stranger some baby wipes during my last overseas trip. I won’t go into the details but it was just as well I had some on me!

Now to this dress! This beautiful vintage number is beaded from top to bottom.  I love it so much and it kills me that I don’t get to wear it very often. It was purchase several years ago and since then it has become my go to wedding dress.  I have now worn it to three of the four weddings I have been to in the last three years and every time I wear it, it feels like the very first time.

What do you think of this number? I’d love to hear your comments.

Thanks for reading.

Sovanny x



Hello there

This year, I have had so much fun re-discovering all the hidden pieces in my wardrobe and wearing them again. In fact, I haven’t just been wearing them but creating unique outfits and pairings that I wouldn’t have otherwise thought about 9 months ago.

Take this origami inspired dress for example. About a decade ago, I remember heading out to Subiaco, Perth for an early morning shopping spree (as you do) and instantly falling in love with it.

I’m so pleased that I snapped it up because I don’t think the shop even exists anymore. Over the years, I have worn the dress for fun flirty occasions, but when I caught sight of it the other day jammed in my tiny wardrobe, I couldn’t help but pull it out and wear it to work. I’m just lucky enough to get away with it.

Enjoy whats to come this week, take risks, be happy, appreciate what you have and as always thanks so much for reading my post.

Sovanny x

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Dress by Ngami | Coat from Modcloth |  Shoes by Nine West | Vintage bag



Hello lovelies and happidy humpidy day

I hope everyone is enjoying the week thus far. Over here in Melbourne it’s gone from sunshine to stormy weather. I keep up with the weather by wearing my Summer clothes during Winter and vice versa. What’s that called? transition fashion? adapting? or simply confused?.

We took these photographs over the weekend just passed. I remember feeling fresh and manicured that day after my trip to the hairdressers. Frequent trips to the hairdressers seems to be the story of my life at the moment and I’m a little sick of it. I will see how long I last but, my aim will be to avoid the hairdressers for as long as I can and grow the shit out of my hair. Sorry to those that love this hairstyle. I will miss it too.

As per most weekends, I am in my natural casual style since I spend most of my time catching up on life. I did however bring my outfit up a notch by throwing in my leopard print booties and a red clutch to break up that black and white.

I know it’s taken a while for me to post these photographs however, that same day I made a commitment to spend less time blogging and more time with my family. My little darling is growing up so fast and I’ve realised that blogging is just eating so much into my precious family time. So as a heads up, you will be hearing less of me, but you can always keep up with my Instagram if you have yet to go there.

Thanks for reading my post. xx

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
White Miami t-shirt dress by Surface to Air | Leather biker jacket by Topshop Leopard print booties from Asos | Clutch by DKNY



Hello all and welcome to the weekend.

Although I have been blogging for several months now, this happens to be my first WordPress post. Previously I had been using the Tumblr platform and whilst I loved blogging on Tumblr, WordPress is certainly the more appropriate choice for my written and photography content.

Since the WordPress platform is easily customised, I have managed to categorise all my content from fashion to food to all things mummy and baby related. Obviously, this is great for my audience and followers. As you can appreciated, some of my followers want to know how I am tracking along with my new years resolution while others are more interested in food ideas for the bub. So rather than having to go through my 100+ blog posts,  this new site allows me to segment all my content so I hope you love it.

Moving along, for those that are new to my blog, the inspiration to start my blog comes from my 2013 new years resolution – not to purchase any new clothing for the entire year and make the most of my existing items. Just to clarify, shoes and accessories are not included. I have a long list of my I committed to this so if you are ever interested in why…all you have to do is ask me and I can explain myself. So almost 9 months into the year, I have committed to this somewhat insane idea and I am so proud of myself. Believe me for any shopaholic this is an accomplishment. In fact, I’m so committed to this resolution that I haven’t even spent the Zara voucher that my bestfriends gave me for my birthday earlier in the year because it feels like I’m cheating. For those that are inspired by my commitment, I won’t lie, it’s been a struggle. These days, some reason, every time I walk past a shop front, there is always the most amazing displays of merchandise. Do I have sucked in written all over my face?! Yes I do. But as they say you always want what I can’t have and that’s how I feel just about every day. It’s getting better…easier and aside from the fact that I have been able to control my impulses, I have now also discovered my unique sense of style and ability to use some creativity for my outfits that I never thought I had. As one of my followers describes – my style is like fashion schizophrenia – you just never know how I’m going to look the next day. For the most part, what I wear depends how I feel, how much time I have and the dreadful four season a day Melbourne weather.

I wore this outfit earlier in the week and it really brought out the compliments in people. A sweet and ego building surprise. For me, it’s an average outfit, but for my casually dressed workplace it’s very well overdressed and not quite the look you see everyday on University grounds. Aside from the clothes, what I love most about this outfit is the handbag. I am a real sucker for the good old handbag. You will notice that I don’t tend to wear small ones either because of all the things I have to carry but that morning I thought, if I don’t wear it…why did I buy it. Besides it’s such a shame to have such a gorgeous DVF bag just sit there. What’s embarrassing and shameful was I still had the tag on it. Yep!. Just a good example of why its important to set shopping aside and have a good hard look at what you already own.

Thanks for reading my very first WP post. I hope you love it. Comments and likes are all appreciated and loved.

Also if you like what I’m about and decide to follow me, I will make sure to follow you right back.

Sovanny x


Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Top by Alice McCall | Coat y Leonard Street | Skirt by St John | Shoes by Zara | Bag by Diane Von Furstenberg

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