I'm wearing: T-shirt by DKNY | Jeans from H&M | Vest by Satch | Blazer by Georgiou | Booties by Boston Babes | Bag by Chanel

I’m wearing: T-shirt by DKNY | Jeans from H&M | Vest by Satch | Blazer by Georgiou | Booties by Boston Babes | Bag by Chanel


Hi everyone

This patterned blazer I picked up from Las Vegas a few years back never fails to add dimension to a simple outfit. I have worn the blazer several ways on the blog but the pairings and accessories in this concoction makes this a favourite.

Sovanny xx



Hello and happy Monday!

During my glorious shopping days, I loved purchasing all my work basics at Zara, Anthropologie and Banana Republic. Although Zara finally opened stores in Australia we’re still patiently waiting on the others. Just as well since I have banned myself from buying any new clothing this year but….I am really hoping for Anthropolie to be here some day.

Today’s outfit for work is a neat casual ensemble of overseas purchases. A blazer and bag from London, top and trousers from the States and shoes from Hong Kong. It doesn’t sound healthy for our Australian economy however we unfortunately aren’t as competitive on stock or price.

Next year, whilst I do plan to refresh my wardrobe, I’m thinking I could do more trift (I happen to live in area full of amazing vintage stores) shopping locally. That way I will be throwing money into our economy and still contributing to less consumerism. This plan sounds exciting already doesn’t it?

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Peacock top by Anthropologie | Blazer by Zara | Trousers by Banana Republic | Bag by Burberry | Shoes by Milan & Co.

Thanks for popping by my blog everyone.



Hello hello

I kept my outfit extremely casual for work today. Mostly because I decided that this morning it was more important to sleep in a little and less important to get dressed up for work. Most nights I do a bit of prep by selecting my work clothes the night before. However since I returned back from holidays a few weeks ago, I just can seem to get my shit together. From my clothes, to my workouts to my eating habits- It’s all off and not in a good way. “Is this normal?” I ask myself and no it isn’t. Something is wrong with me because I have been feeling extremely tired and unmotivated lately. See I’m normal after all.

Cheers to wrapping up this freaking week because it feels like hell and back to the normal me next week.

Outfit breakdown
Tunic by Religion | Cardigan by Sportscraft | Coat from Modcloth | Trousers by Banana Republic | Patent pumps by Nine West | Bag by Burberry

Thanks for visiting and see you next time. I promise the next post will sound more bubbly then this one.


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Hey there

Monday was my first day back at work after being on holidays for 2 weeks. Can you feel my joy?!

Just because I felt dull didn’t mean my outfit had to match that. Hence the nice pops of bright colours to spark up my day.

The feature of this outfit aside from my pumps are the cute bows on my jumper. It’s one of my more adorable looking pieces.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Jumper by Alannah Hill | Coat by Sunny Girl | Trousers by Banana Republic  Pumps by Nine West | Vintage handbag

Thanks for reading.


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Hello there

Firstly, I absolutely love this laser cut out tunic.  As featured on my blog here and here, I’m a huge fan of wearing it over a dress to give the outfit that extra layer for warmth.

Where did I go wrong today though? Hmm what’s with that bag right? Ahh the disappointment when I saw the photos. My bag looks horrid with my outfit! At least I have my pretty pumps on.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Dress by Lion in Love | Laser cut out tunic by Zara | Coat by Tahari | Shoes and bag by Nine West

Until next time love.



Hello lovelies

Firstly sorry about the quality of these photos. It was cold and dark this morning so the lighting didn’t quite work in our favour. Nevertheless, hubs who takes all my pictures tried his best using my mobile phone. Truth be told like most bloggers, we do have a pro camera but it’s just so much more convenient to use my phone for all the photos.

Today’s smart casual look was layered with one of a few trench coats I own. I love the colour of this coat, the fact that it’s lightweight enough to feel comfortable on, large enough to layer, and thick enough to keep me warm.

It works really well with that Burberry bag too don’t you think? Not to mention the lasercut top that I am completely obsessed with at the moment.

Thanks for reading.



This week has been all about adding pops of colour to my outfits. Today it’s a striking emerald green wrap blouse.

I have had all these items for years however have never worn them in this combination. The look definitely isn’t anything groundbreaking.  Although it just goes to show much I use to shop for new items rather then mixing and matching what I already own.

You will also notice the outfit is on the lady like side of the table. Certainly not I look I thought to pull of with this hair cut but I think I have done just fine.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Black dress by Cue also worn here | Green wrap blouse by BCBGMaxazria  | Coat by Alannah HIll | Pumps by Zara

Lots of love and thank you for reading this post.