Hey it’s Monday

Worst day of the week so I thought it’d be a great opportunity to brighten up your feed.

My daughter completely steals the show in this post with her cuteness. I mean look at that biker jacket and those mixed prints on those teeny tiny clothes. There was absolutely no way she would get away with a little mum and daughter twinning. So here it is folks…introducing our first matchy matchy mum and daughter outfits.

Thanks for reading and I hope you love the photographs.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Vintage skirt || Vintage vest || Vintage singlet || Boots by Asos || Biker jacket by Topshop 

Squirt is wearing: Top by Bonds || Jeans by H&M || Sneakers by Vans || Leather biker by Zara || Bag by Zara

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Happy weekend lovers

Never mind the bed hair in these photographs because this post is all about the shoes. I purchased these to die for stilletto heel studded boots whilst I was in Barcelona not long ago. I can’t even tell you how many shops I’d browsed in before I found these on the sale rack. It was love at first sight so it only seemed fitting to pair it with my other fashion loves – the crop top and boyfriend jeans.

These boots will form a part of my winter wardrobe staples and I can’t wait to rock them with other stylish ensembles.

Thanks for dropping by all and let me know what you think of the outfit too.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Acid wash boyfriend jeans by Asos || Crop top by Zara || Boots by Bronx 

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Hello everyone!

When I came across these denim joggers in Zara at the Hong Kong airport, I grabbed them off the rack without even thinking twice. I mean, hello elasticated joggers made from denim!

Easily paired, I decided to tax my husbands top and beanie to create the perfect street/off-duty look. Indeed it’s far more casual than most of the looks on my blog, although I can assure it’s also the most comfortable outfit I’ve sported. I just wish the joggers came in different colours.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Denim Joggers by Zara || Mens boyfriend beanie by Asos || Mens sweater by Banana Republic || Hi-top wedges by Asos || Eagle necklace by Asos 

Squirt is wearing: Sweater by Target || Jeans by Target || Sneakers by Vans || Coat by Zara 

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I’m wearing: Hydros Crop top by Alice McCall (found here) || Vintage Levis denim cut offs (similar here) || Black knit bird embroidered cardigan by Zara || Earrings from Asos || Pumps by Zara

Hello all

If I could name one place I was absolutely dying to shop at during my shopping drought last year it was Alice McCall. You can imagine my excitement when my husband gave me an extremely generous Alice McCall voucher for Christmas last year. Smart boy!

I fell in love with Alice a few years ago during a sample sale that just happened to be next door to my workplace. To this date, I still have some of those pieces and I’m proud to now be adding another to the closet. This Hydros crop top stole my heart and was worth absolutely every cent. I love it and since it’s current season you can still grab one for yourself.

Thanks for reading everyone and as always I love your comments.

Sovanny x

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Hey gorgeous!

Although it can be a struggle weather wise in Melbourne, today is officially the first day of Summer in Australia. I love the exposed skin and minimal clothing that comes with our heatwave. Agreed some do show too much skin but seriously who cares. Wear what you want as long as you are comfortable in it. Just make sure to slap on some of that SPF because our sun is bad ass.

To kick off our summer I wanted to showcase an outfit that set the summer scene. Too much skin? My husband thinks so but what evs. I Love this sexy combination and it happens to be one of my favourite creations since I started blogging almost a year ago. Even better, if you love the necklace I have on, well for once its still available for purchase via Anthropologie.

Im wearing : Lingerie top | High waisted shorts by Valley Girl | Statement necklace by Pam Hiran | Heels by Zara | Microfishnet pantyhose by Rede Classic

Im wearing : Lingerie top | High waisted shorts by Valley Girl | Statement necklace by Pam Hiran | Heels by Zara | Microfishnet pantyhose by Rede Classic


The inspiration for my outfit comes from Justine who is the beautiful creator of The Style Bender. She featured a post wearing a lingerie top and I thought I have to get on to that. Once more I’d been yearning for a crop top for months so the top I am posing in just happens to fit in the crop and lingerie category. Sadly these hot diggity shorts are not mine and I’ll be handing them over to my sweet cousin who will look just as good in them.

With a jacket on, I went out in for breakfast and then lunch in this outfit and with the looks I recieved, lets just say it’s more of an after 5pm outfit.

For my international followers, I have styled this outfit a little differently to provide you with an Autumn/Winter look. Post to follow.

Thanks for reading and let the countdown begin. Just 31 days before I can hit the shops guilt free and that feels awesome.

Sovanny xx


Like a boy1Like a boy 5Like a boy2Like a boy

Hope everyone is enjoying the week thus far!

I put this look together knowing that I needed to be presentable and comfortable since I was going to be at work and on my feet all day. As you can see, the combination of trousers, blazer, flats and short hair can create quite the cool preppy and androgynous looking girl. I’ve have experimented with a mix of colours but aside from that, my outfit is quite basic with nice blend of simple details.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Purple ruffle sleeveless top by Zara | Blazer by Zara | Trousers by Zara | Brogues by D&S Women | Bag by Diane Von Furstenberg

Thanks for reading my post.

Sovanny x



My daughter may have been a little excited by the life size Barbie

My daughter may have been a little excited by the life size Barbie

Hello and goodbye to another weekend!

A few weeks ago, my ever so sweet bestfriend who has never owned a barbie in her life decides she wants a barbie themed party. I literally raised my eyebrows, cringe a little and then got over it, because if thats whats she wants then lets! Leading up to the day, I went to my Instagram followers to help make a decision on my choice of wig (white or blue) because lets face it, my short hair isn’t going to cut the Barbie look. I also knew that I didn’t have the option of buying a new outfit for the party, so I rummaged around in my wardrobe for something cute, fitted and pink. I seriously struggled with pink because it’s not my colour. My colour, is shades of black, grey and white. But somehow, Barbie was born….Platinum Barbie. What do you think of this little costume? Admittedly, I have never ever played dress up for a party before so after decades on earth, I suddenly realised what I have been missing out on all these years. The party was so much fun and it helped that everyone was such a good sport on the night.

Outfit breakdown  Black and white stripe playsuit by ASOS | Fuchsia Coat by Grass Collected | Tan Pumps by Zara | Light pink clutch by Coach

Hope you love this look inspired by Barbie and as always thanks so much for reading my post. Sovanny x